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I am the author of the stained glass pattern book "Hook, Line and Glass."

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Hook, Line and Glass, is a book presenting thirteen original Stained Glass designs.

Some of these designs will be a challenge. Keep in mind though, that creating stained glass takes time and patience. You will be able to enjoy a beautifully finished product with an added bonus of the sense of accomplishment. My Angler designs are intended to make Stained Glass fun and enjoyable to produce. My Fish designs are an endeavour to capture the natural movement and environment in which they dwell.

I hope you will enjoy making your own renditions of these patterns as much as I enjoyed designing, creating and framing each stained glass panel!

I am a stained glass enthusiast from Australia that enjoys fishing and Glass work. I hope to provide my visitors with a selection of unique patterns. I plan to add many more patterns in the near future, and I hope you will come to enjoy visiting my website on a regular basis.

These patterns can also be used in other crafts, such as Lead Light, Patch Work, Candle Wicking, Appliqué, Quilting

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